Feb 23 2017

Deposits & Overbooking

If you follow my Twitter account, you will see recent tweets of overbooking clients and deposits. I thought I'd write this blog to offer clarification. New clients--I would like to believe that all who make appointments will actually show up. I know that "life happens", though and that's not always possible. In a perfect world, people would CANCEL appointments when they're not going to show. The cancelling part seems to be difficult, though, and then I'm left holding the short end of the stick. If I have never seen you before AND you are unwilling to offer a deposit--I will overbook. The deposit amount will only be $50, and I'll still make an appointment to see you without it. I just won't guarantee your spot. Previous clients--I will only overbook if you cancel more than twice. Cancellation fees will NEVER be charged as long as you give me notice that you can't arrive. No call/no show--I just block your number. Mishađź’‹