May 05 2015

First Escort Blog

I decided to use this feature since I'm a chatty chick and I'd love to reach potential clients and tell them a bit about myself.  

I am in NO WAY affiliated with law enforcement.  I thought that was fairly obvious due to the explicit website, but for any that had doubts--now I've said it.

Sexy pictures are so much fun to take.  I like dressing up in sexy clothing/costumes and then taking semi-nude pictures.  Nude pictures are great, too, but I like having a clothing on and maybe exposing breasts and/or pussy shots.  Sex shots are great, too!  I plan to add videos to my site soon, so please keep watching.  I plan to post slutty, nasty videos of cum shots, pussy pounding, and anal gaping.  You'll love them!

I'm getting wet just thinking about it!

I'll continue to post blogs regularly to keep you updated about my sexy life!