Jan 30 2017

Florida Photo Shoot

It's about time for some new pics, don't you think? Yeah, I do, too. I decided to ring in 2017 with new blog posts and new photos! Besides, I think my ass looks great from working out and I'd like to show off. I'm heading to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the photo shoot and it will be sometime toward the end of February...after Valentine's Day. The thing is--I have no idea what I should wear for this photo shoot. It's a small one so I only get one outfit and I'd like to make it perfect. Any suggestions you have or anything you'd like to buy me for the shoot would be appreciated! Tell me what colors, outfits and/or props you'd like to see in the pictures. Here's what I'm really thinking...if you buy the outfit that I wear in the photo shoot--half off your next session. Sound fair? Of course, I will also be in Ft. Lauderdale the week of the photo shoot so I'll be making new friends in Florida, too. I'm so excited!! Mishađź’‹