Jun 12 2015

How to become a member

I am being asked how to become a member so often that I am going to explain the process once again. Maybe I was unclear in my previous explanations. When you are in the Picture Gallery and you come to a picture that you are unable to view because you are not a member--you need to click on the picture and get a pop up box. At the BOTTOM of the pop up box--it says "NOT A MEMBER?-PLEASE SIGN UP". YOU HAVE TO CLICK THAT BUTTON IN ORDER TO BECOME A MEMBER. Once you click the "SIGN UP" button and provide a valid email address--a password is AUTOMATICALLY sent to the email address provided. Please return to the site and the use that password to access the site and LOG IN. I hope this clears up any confusion.  Just in case things are STILL unclear--I have made a new page called "Becoming a Member WITH PICS".  There is a screen shot of the popup box I'm speaking of.   Mishađź’‹