Feb 05 2017

How to have mind blowing anal sex

Okay--I'm going to try to write this without getting wet, but I'm sure I'm going to be dripping by the time I'm done! Great anal sex really begins with arousal! Major, major arousal! I need to be turned on and wet! DATY is a wonderful way to get me wet, but kissing and running the palm of your hand over my nipples feels great, too. Especially when you barely touch my nipples....your hands grazing lightly across them sends little electric shocks through my body and trust me, I'll get excited. So you've played with my nipples, we've kissed and you're between my legs and sucking away. Everything in that area needs to be moist. Absolutely everything. Tongues and fingers can be inserted at this point if you so choose, and you don't have to--but it's only going to make things hotter. We can use lube only if you'd rather, but it just won't be AS hot. Any position you'd like for entry is fine, but slow at first works best. I can play with my clit or you can, but having an orgasm while you're in my ass is fabulous. I hope this helps a little. It's Super Bowl Sunday & fried chicken just arrived. My two favorite things--fried chicken & anal, lol. Go Falcons!