Jan 23 2017

Oral Action

Yes, it's taken me forever to actually blog something, and I apologize. I have been so busy traveling that I've neglected my blog posts. 2017 is here though, and I plan to be blogging once again. That said, my subject for today is all things oral. Mouths are warm, moist spots that are quite useful for pleasure--and contrary to popular belief--I DO like kissing! I love my pussy being eaten and if you eat my ass, too, I'll be in heaven! Oral pleasure is great foreplay and always makes me crave sex afterward. Here's the thing, though--for me, anyway, SUCKING my clit feels better than LICKING it. I realize porn videos display long tongues flicking over a woman's clit, but I think that's for viewing purposes. For pleasure purposes, I would much rather you suck gently on my clit and not let go until I'm screaming. Kissing is also great! I enjoy kissing so please--brush good (even your tongue) and we can definitely kiss. Besides, my pussy is quite sweet and I would love to taste all my juices when you're done sucking my clit. Ciao! Misha 2017-03-18 02:34:26
Babe I agree just reading u writing and remembering seeing u becomes a exciting feeling. Yes babe we meet. It been a long while agoi was back at my apt. U were in Baldwin then. I don't know if u remember. I do.u favor drinks is are was uv lemon vvoka