Feb 23 2017

Overnight visits

Since I offer overnight visits I thought this blog post would be relevant. Overnight visits can be a lot of fun, we can get to know each other on a much more personal level, and the sex will generally be better because we've taken the time to know each other. In order to make an overnight visit a success here are my requirements: ▪️At least one session PRIOR to any overnight visit ▪ Deposit of $500 in order to book the appointment. This amount is nonrefundable if you cancel. Remainder due when I arrive. ▪️At least five days notice for the visit ▪️You will have to allow me to go outside to smoke as needed I charge $1800 for overnight visits, but I AM willing to negotiate that amount. Let me say, up front, that it won't be less than $1000. Also, I won't charge extra for anal sex during an overnight visit. Anything else--yes, I will ask for extra money. I think I've covered everything, but if I haven't, feel free to ask me any questions. Also, remember that I'm a black girl and I wear weave. I have to wear a bonnet on my hair at night to sleep. I will be bringing it. Don't laugh. Misha💋