Apr 10 2017

Skype and New Cities

I'm now offering Skype as a way to see me. If you are in a city that I don't visit--please take advantage of this new service. Skype sessions will start at $60 for 30 minute sessions. I have a list of new cities I'd like to visit. In 2017. So far, the list includes: Boston, Cleveland, D.C., Albuquerque, and Baltimore. I'm particularly fond of the East Coast, so cities in that part of the U.S. will be frequented--especially as it's warmer. If you live in a city of 500,000 or more--drop me a message, and I'll CONSIDER visiting. I must admit that I'm not a fan of Texas, so if your request is that state, I probably won't make it. I'll still be able to be found in Kansas City, Chicago, NYC, Milwaukee, and Oklahoma City. Hope to see you in one of those cities! Mishađź’‹