May 24 2015


Sometimes there are great reasons to text a person. For instance, if you're en route to my condo and I'd like you to pick up condoms, a text is appropriate. The text will only state the needed materials and a thank you. Should an appointment need to be cancelled, a text is also appropriate. Asking for my address via text is acceptable as well. Texts are for short, quick messages that require a YES or NO answer and that is it. I am getting texts asking about availabilty, rates, services, and nakes pictures. Those piss me off. I usually block those numbers and then I will NEVER get any calls or texts from that number. Here is my feeling--if we are going to be spending time together then we need to talk. If you CAN NOT or WILL NOT talk, then I WILL NOT spend any time with you. PERIOD. And you can put that in my fucking reviews. Mishađź’‹
don: 2015-05-24 17:46:18
Thanks for the links.