I love to travel and I'm getting requests to go to various cities on a regular basis. I have decided to add flying me to you as an option. A $500 advance ensures I will be in your city within 72 hours and I will visit with you for 90 [more...]
I'm now offering Skype as a way to see me. If you are in a city that I don't visit--please take advantage of this new service. Skype sessions will start at $60 for 30 minute sessions. I have a list of new cities I'd like to visit. In 2017. So far, [more...]
In this new digital age, I am getting more and more requests for more videos on my website. I was not sure about that but I would like to ask what everyone thinks. More videos or no? If you say yes--what do you want to see? What kind of action? If [more...]
Since I offer overnight visits I thought this blog post would be relevant. Overnight visits can be a lot of fun, we can get to know each other on a much more personal level, and the sex will generally be better because we've taken the time to [more...]
If you follow my Twitter account, you will see recent tweets of overbooking clients and deposits. I thought I'd write this blog to offer clarification. New clients--I would like to believe that all who make appointments will actually show up. I know that "life happens", though and that's not always possible. [more...]
Okay--I'm going to try to write this without getting wet, but I'm sure I'm going to be dripping by the time I'm done! Great anal sex really begins with arousal! Major, major arousal! I need to be turned on and wet! DATY is a wonderful way to get me wet, [more...]
Feb 05 2017


It's official! My photo shoot is scheduled for February 21 in Fort Lauderdale. I haven't finalized travel plans but I'll post them as soon as I do. A wonderful client recently introduced me to and the website offers exactly what the name implies. In major US cities, various reputable [more...]
It's about time for some new pics, don't you think? Yeah, I do, too. I decided to ring in 2017 with new blog posts and new photos! Besides, I think my ass looks great from working out and I'd like to show off. I'm heading to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the [more...]
Originally, I had planned to spend this weekend (1-27 through 1-30) in Milwaukee. Life happens and so I had to change my plans. I felt bad about canceling my plans and decided that Milwaukee is close enough that I can still make it there today. [more...]
Jan 23 2017

Oral Action

Yes, it's taken me forever to actually blog something, and I apologize. I have been so busy traveling that I've neglected my blog posts. 2017 is here though, and I plan to be blogging once again. That said, my subject for today is all things oral. Mouths [more...]
Lately, I've received requests for BDSM related activities and I've done some experimenting. Being submissive for the right man is great! Obviously, these relationships may take longer to foster, but I think the satisfaction would be worth the initial time spent.  Light bondage, spanking, and edging are all things I'm willing [more...]
I am being asked how to become a member so often that I am going to explain the process once again. Maybe I was unclear in my previous explanations. When you are in the Picture Gallery and you come to a picture that you are unable to view because you [more...]
May 24 2015


Sometimes there are great reasons to text a person. For instance, if you're en route to my condo and I'd like you to pick up condoms, a text is appropriate. The text will only state the needed materials and a thank you. Should an appointment need to [more...]
A client called me today and gave me some fucked up info. Apparently, he did a Google search of my phone number and Google search indicated that my phone number is associated with police stings. I have no idea why a Google search would say that, and I am not a cop, [more...]
I decided to use this feature since I'm a chatty chick and I'd love to reach potential clients and tell them a bit about myself.   I am in NO WAY affiliated with law enforcement.  I thought that was fairly obvious due to the explicit website, but for any that had [more...]