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Accurate pics, very easy-going provider who loves what she does, and is good at it. Safe incall. Definitely recommend! I'll be back!!!

So I finally has a dream about Misha. Easy 2-call system to a safe incall location in West County. She talked me in through her condo complex's streets to visitor parking, then walked up to her building. Not really too difficult, but I can see where a first-time visitor might get turned around. Anyway, she greeted me at the door wearing a sexy bra & panties set...she looked GOOD!! She is definitely the girl in her pics...100% accurate--what you see is what you get! 


We had a little "get to know you" conversation while I took care of the fee and got comfortable. Started off with a little kissing and breast play with those man-made 38DDD's. Then she started giving me a very good BBBJ. Good technique...she worked it all over, gave plenty attention to "the boys", licked, sucked, teased, deep-throated, etc.... I warned her that the way she was going, it wouldn't take me long, and she could tell that I wanted it to last awhile, so she eased up a bit, talking and teased and rubbing me just enough to keep me excited, but not TOO excited. This lasted awhile, then I started massaging her kitty. She was nice & moist and seemed to enjoy that. After a little of this, I broke out the condom, and she hopped on to and rode me enthusiastically. Her pussy was tight, and felt really good. Went at it like that for a while, and she really got into it. This lady likes to fuck! I couldn't hold back any longer, and had a nice release.


After a quick clean up, we talked some more, mostly about The Hobby and being discreet and stuff like that. I had previously worried what might happen if I'd run into her at the store or something, since I live in the same general area as well, but she set my fears at ease--this gal "gets it"...very discreet, very cool. I think the best way to describe her would be "chill". She likes what she does, and isn't into drama. And I'm totally on-board with that!


Anyway, I still had maybe 20 minutes left in my session, and she was game to try again, so she went back for more BBBJ. Again, great technique! It felt really good, and she definitely gave it great effort, but my body wasn't ready for another finish that quickly. Did another quick cleanup, got dressed, said our goodbyes, then on my way out the door with a smile on my face!


Damage was 160 for hour. Menu was: LFK, breast play, BBBJ, FIV, Covered FS (CG, probably other positions as well, just didn't get to them). Didn't ask for DATY, but seems like she'd be fine with it. TL;DR - She's real, and discreet. Pics are accurate. Safe incall, no issues. Good at what she does and enjoys it. A very chill lady. Talkative, but not too much. Eager to please. Open menu.

Would definitely recommend! I'll be back!!


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     I have seen her 6 or 7 times, and she is hot! She hosts in her nice condo outside of St. Louis. She answers the phone herself, and it is very easy to set up an appointment with her.


          First time I went I was stunned at how sexy she was. She had some old photos up then and they did not do her justice. She put me at ease right away, and she was rubbing all against me as I massaged her body. She slid down to give me a bbbj, which was outstanding. Before I came she put the cover on and rode me to conclusion. The next times I saw her, I had her tie me up and tease my cock for the full hour with her mouth and hands. She took control, talked dirty, and I loved it. I learned from her later, however, that she really didn't like doing that, and that she preferred a regular good and hard fucking. Guys, she is outstanding at what she does. You should see her.


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            Incall is in nice southwest st Louis county area. 2 call system. Parking is an odd situation but not a burden. Got to the door and she answered in lacy bra and panties and for once here is a provider that looked better than her pics. Laid down donation and got to know each other. Can be a bit of a talker. Non-vip, price is way more than fair and for me she seemed very GFE although as always YMMV. Will repeat


Quickstraw on

I saw Misha this past Sunday. Her pics are accurate and her oral skills are quite amazing! She seems to really enjoy doing it. She has huge fake boobs that she enjoys having played with. She also has the longest tongue I have ever seen. And she really knows how to use it! Her place is very clean and the neighborhood is quite safe. I would definitely recommend.


Hesdeadjim on

Saw Mischa. Pics are accurate, up to date. Actually, she looks skinnier in person. Website listed in ad has pretty much all her info. She is a talker, so if you prefer it more non-conversational I would advise you let her know. Did not cut me short on time. Standard 2 call system, with a twist that you will have to park a bit away due to her parking situation. Don't let it freak you out. She can also be a little terse on the phone, once again don't let it freak you out. Neighborhood is quite safe. I seemed to get along with her quite well, and and for me she was very GFE As always, YMMV. Will mention a second time, a list of everything available is on the website. I will add Oral skills are very, very good. She seems to be big on hygiene (and I don't blame her) so you will probably have a better time if you are showered and nice. I recommend and will repeat.


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We missed each other the first day, but she contacted me again on day 2 to set up a time. hotels had changed, but no big deal. it took a few minutes to get "comfortable" but once we were on the same page, it was on.

Her BBBJ is second to none. Deepthroat and everything. She knows shes good at it. I blew CIM early. She went to rinse out, and came back trying to go another round immediatley. I got close but couldnt pull it off. After a few minutes of rest and good conversation, we both wanted to go again. Another BBBJ to get things started and the bag went on. She jumped on top for CG, then went for Greek for a bit. Switched to K9 for my favorite and then popped into the bag. Had a few minutes left, but I was spent. Got dressed and tried to leave, even with her trying to go another round. Great time.

emtplayer on TER

I walked in and she was wearing a robe. She pulled me in and kissed me deeply with tongue. From there I excused myself to the bathroom an left my envelope. When I came back out, she was nude on all fours, with a playful smile. We made out for a while, rubbing each other like teenagers. She suddenly jumped away and began sucking me off like she was in love with it. I pulled her into 69 position and tasted her sweet pussy.  After a while, I pulled her off of me, missionary for a while until she jumped on top. This girl loves to ride.  I popped, then washed up, big kiss goodbye. I'll be back soon.


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I got to the hotel and went up to her room. It was an upscale hotel, so very easy to just walk in. Hotel and bar and restaurant, easy to blend in. I got to her room and she opened in a sexy red bra and panty set. after I warmed up my hands, she had me strip down to get ready to play. She has a smoking little body with the smoothest skin. we kissed and played around touching and feeling for a bit. I laid her down on bed and told her to turn over. I kissed her back up and down and worked my way down her body. Has a perfect firm little ass. licked her ass and pulled her panties off. after some kissing her body, I told her to stay there and I got up and walked around the bed. she was laying sideways on it. I waked up and put my cock right at her face. She knew what to do. she stuck that long sext tongue out and started licking my cock. it wasn't long before she had the whole deep in her mouth. she gives excellent BBBJs. let me get a little nasty also. I pulled my cock and lightly smacked her face. she seemed to like but she definitely wanted it back in her mouth. she loves lots of spit and devours the cock. after a few minutes, I didn't want to blow my load yet. I told her to stand up and bend over the bed. I proceeded to kiss the back of her again and play with her big perky tits. I then squatted done and buried my face deep in her ass and pussy. spreading those sweet ass cheeks and exposing the pinkest little pussy I have seen in a while. and it tasted yummy also. she seemed to get very worked up, at this point I was ready for the pussy. I told her to cover it up and she slid the condom on. I told her to get on her hands and knees and back up to me. she has a nice tight pussy. I slowly started sliding my cock inside of here. I work my way up to a good hard fucking. I slapped her ass firmly and she seemed to enjoy that and responded accordingly. the harder I fucked her the more she got into it. she was grapping for the sheets and pulling them off the pulled. I had her stand up and bend over the bed and continued a good hard pounding for another ten minutes. finally I blew my load. me both collapsed on the bed and caught our breath for the final 10 minutes of our session. I have seen her once since this meeting and she looked even hotter that time. she is def worth and I will be a regular when she gets to my part of the state.


lovthekitty2 on TER

Misha arrived right on time in normal attire per my request. Damn she looked good in her nice tight jeans. We talked for 10 minutes before she went to the bathroom to change. She came out in a sexy little teddy that could barely contain those excellent tits of hers. We started with some light kissing when she began to play with mr happy. I then undressed and got on the bed for a massage which was ok. I then returned the favor which was even more fun. I enjoyed some "daty" during this time and Misha seemed to enjoy it also. She then rolled over on top of me and started to give a bbbj in a 69 position. I thought I was going to lose it right there. After a little of this she could sense I was going to blow so we took a little break. She then slipped a glove on and I started with some doggy style. She then got on top and rode cg. It didn't take long for me to pop. It was quite a fun sight to see her athletic body bouncing up and down on mr happy. I will definitely repeat.


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Opened the door and hid behind it. Was wearing an open robe that showed off her beautiful tits. I was happy to be there. We chatted a little and got comfortable. She has a great body. Lot of DFK standing and then we moved to the bed. More DFK and exploring. Then she was on top of me and I was feeling those great melons. Slid down and started BBBJ. It was so good. That went on for quite a while and I finally busted a nut. Cleaned up and talked. She is really interesting and has a cool perspective. Did not think I would have a Round 2 but she knew how to get me going. More DFK and BBBJ did the trick. She covered up and hopped on CG. Felt great and was an amazing view. Was tempted to switch to doggie due to her great ass but I didn't want to give up the great view. Finished Round 2 that way, cleaned up and talked some more before I headed out. She is a super real chick who knows what she wants and how to have fun. I will definitely see her again when she is back in the area.


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